Exclusive content for sponsors

👋 Welcome to the exclusive documentation for sponsors.

This is not a general documentation like the public one — I wouldn't paywall the package docs.

Instead, this is a collection of useful, quickly applicable tactics meant to save you time.

Complex things that you would normally have to figure out yourself.

This documentation will grow as I see more common things that people are trying to solve.

Stay tuned!

Accessing the pages

On the top right part of the screen, you should see a Login with GitHub button. Click that and log in with an account that's sponsoring me on GitHub.

Once you log in, you should be redirected back here and see your GitHub username on that same top right part of the screen.

This means that if you're sponsoring me with $15/mo or more, you will be able to access the pages listed in the left navigation menu.

Note: There's a ~5 minute cache for sponsorships, so it might take a few minutes to gain access to the pages after sponsoring.